The AACE Australian Section held this webinar on Thursday, 24th September 2020 at 7:30pm.

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Effective Cost Engineering in the Project Management Process

Presentation by Louis Vidotto – Vice President of AACE Australian Section and Managing Director of Vidotto Group


The webinar will look at the skills required of a Cost Engineer to understand both what their role is and their contribution to the Project Management Process. 

The last and current “boom” periods have seen many resource and infrastructure projects, particularly those within the Australian context, fail to meet budget and schedule targets. 

There is a multitude of reasons projects fail, including poor budget and schedule definition, poor execution, and inexperienced and untrained teams. In particular, the Project Controls profession has experienced a shortage of skills and experience which has contributed to poor project performance. In the Webinar, we will discuss the role of project control professionals in a project team and what is expected of them. Louis will also discuss the positive impact of “on the job” mentoring and training, even in an unstructured format, on the effectiveness of the project team.

We will look at a Case study where Project Change had an adverse impact on the performance of the project and the Investors walked away. The Project Management and Project Controls processes failed to identify the major flaws in the Execution Strategy until the Budget and Schedule constraints were exceeded. 

Key Words: project management, project controls, cost engineer

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